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Michael + Paulyn Most Awaiting Day!


Turn the wedding of your dreams into the memories of a lifetime!

Our Vertical Gardens is just perfect for  Romantic Indoor Wedding. Just add few decors and flowers, everything will look absolutely stunning!!


Best time to Capture the Bride and Groom is while descending from this Grand Staircase.

















Spacious Lobby

Beautiful Backdrop for a great photo moment


Spacious Lobby for Registration



Mattheus 1st Birthday Party at Carnival!

Life’s a circus, enjoy the show!!

Little preview of Today’s fun, Mattheus 1st Birthday Party! Kids and Parents would surely be entertained with A Circus Party!!

Package: Kiddie Comprehensive Package













Mark & Jenny’s Dreamy Wedding

There is something just so enchanting about that muted pink hue that makes it the perfect color for every type of bridal style.

All the details in this wedding starting from the VIP tables, Backdrop and guests tables are just perfect.

Venue: Paris Garden

Caterer: Shekinah Dishes


View from the Stage


View from the Guests’ Staircase






Blooming at 60

There’s a certain point in our lives when we reach a milestone. Whether it’s our 60th or even your 90th birthday, you deserve nothing less than an extra ordinary celebration.
At Hanging Gardens Events Venue, our Comprehensive Birthday Package is complete with a lush indoor garden venue, catering services, thematic styling, mood lighting and sound system, plus crystal chandeliers to add sparkle to your worry-free celebration.
Feel even younger and happier by creating new beautiful memories with us.
  Welcome to the Premier Events Venue of the North
Vertical garden venues with French inspired architecture.
Step in to this floral ark.
Who wouldn’t want to take a photo in this?
 Fully air-conditioned garden venue with elegant chandelier.
Fully draped ceilings, elaborate balconies and staircase are just so beautiful!
 Lush green plants surrounding the venue lift your spirits.
Any celebrant sitting on this one surely gets attention!
A closer look in this backdrop detail.

Adorable Ballerina 7th Birthday Party

Is your daughter dreaming about becoming a prima ballerina? It’s easier than you think. Make your little girl’s dreams come true with our Comprehensive Kiddie Party Package which includes thematic backdrop, balloons hanging from the ceiling, balloon centerpieces, Magician and so much more!

Visit us at Belfast Ave. Neopolitan Business Park, Fairview, Quezon City to discover how you can be a step closer to planning the most exciting party for your daughter.

Banquet Hall: Concorde


Aren’t these two ballerinas just too adorable?!