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What is the inspiration for Hanging Gardens?

Inspired by iconic French Architecture, the Hanging Gardens epitomizes Parisian allure with our sophisticated interiors exuding old-world charm, and natural vertical gardens.

How many venues are there? What’s the difference?

There are five venues in total: three garden venues and two banquet halls. The three garden venues are Luxembourg, Paris and Lafayette which have similar sizes and capacities. These three are unique for their natural vertical gardens and high ceilings, and majestic balconies and staircase. The Luxembourg, Paris and Lafayette Gardens each have their own lobby with imposing chandeliers and artistic iron gilded ceiling accents. For larger functions, the Luxembourg and Paris Gardens can be combined to accommodate up to 400 persons.

The two banquet halls are Concorde and Giverny. The Concorde Hall is just adjacent to the lobby of the Lafayette Garden making it the ideal venue for wedding ceremonies and cocktails. The Giverny Hall is ideal for more intimate gatherings of 100 guests.

What is the capacity?

Banquet Set-up

100-200     Luxembourg, Paris, Lafayette Gardens
200-500     Luxembourg and Paris Gardens Combined
50-100       Concorde, Giverny Halls

Ceremony Set-up

100-200     Concorde

How many hours is the venue rental?

5 hours for an event and 1.5 hours for a wedding ceremony.

Are the venues air-conditioned?

All the facilities are fully air-conditioned: garden venues, banquet halls, restrooms, lobbies and lounge areas.

Do you provide Packages?

We offer Packages with our our accredited caterers and suppliers for wedding receptions, debuts, corporate events, kiddie parties, birthday parties, proms and other social functions.

How many parking slots are there?

We provide over 200 complimentary parking slots. The parking area is fully cemented and is located within the secured property of the Hanging Gardens.

For how many persons are the packages?

A minimum of 100 and 150.

Is there a corkage fee when we bring in non-accredited suppliers such as event coordinators, photo booth, mobile bar suppliers etc?

We’re supplier friendly, we only have a corkage fee of PHP 30,000 if the caterer is not accredited.

Is there a corkage fee for roasted pork and beef “lechon,” mobile bar and alcoholic beverages?

None at all.

Is there an electrical charge if we bring in an LCD projector, photographers, videographers or photobooths?

None at all.

Is there an electrical fee for live band set-up, mobile set-up and par lights?

An electrical fee of PHP 8,000 will apply for accredited Lights and Sounds, and PHP 10,000 for non-accredited Lights and Sounds.

Do you provide a generator set?

We have a standby 325 KVA generator set at no extra charge in case of any power interruption. Regardless the electricity shortage situation, you don’t need to worry about having your party end abruptly.

What is the morning event schedule?

Morning events are from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

Is there a room provided for outfit changes or make-up retouches for the celebrant?

The three garden venues, Luxembourg, Paris and Lafayette, each have it’s own lounge with a vanity area. Just outside the vanity area is a balcony with a gorgeous staircase.

Do you provide overnight accommodations?

Rooms for overnight stay are not provided.

Are there restrooms provided for each venue?

Each of the five venues can be rented separately and each has it’s own separate set of restroom.

Is a dance floor provided?

The flooring is danceable, constructed from imported tiles.

Is there a stage provided?

We provide 4 panels (8x4x1 feet) of stage for free to make sure you stand out from your guests.

What is included in the basic sound system?

We provide 4 microphones, channel mixer with 4 input plugs, 8 surrounding speakers, 2 subwoofers, DVD/ MP3 player, amplifier and equalizer with technician.

Is the Hanging Gardens handicapped-friendly?

Yes, we provide ramps as well as hand railings.

Are the plants real?

Absolutely all the plants are natural. We take painstaking care and effort to grow our vertical gardens in this unique environment.

Do you accept pencil bookings?

We accept reservations on a first come first serve basis only.

How much is the reservation fee?

To block your chosen date, the reservation fee is PHP 20,000/ garden venue. This amount will be deducted from the total venue rate.

Apart from the garden venues, are there other places of interest for photo opportunities?

You can go up the rooftop and have shots with the beautiful sunset skyline as your backdrop.