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Garden Venues

The Hanging Gardens Events Venue offers three grand reception venues namely, Paris, Luxembourg and Lafayette. Each can each accommodate 200 guests while Paris and Luxembourg may be combined for grander celebrations up to 400 guests. Our garden venues and it’s amenities are fully air-conditioned allowing you to enjoy the party freely and carelessly. Each garden venue includes separate restrooms, lobby entrances with two sets of double doors. Upon entry, you will find your self step into a breathtaking sight. You are immediately in balcony with an intricate staircase beckoning you to take a closer look.

Lafayette Garden

Lafayette Garden

Light-filled patios with draped ceilings and 30-feet vertical gardens made up of lush tropical plants are among the garden venue’s star features. The Lafayette Garden can accommodate 150-200 guests.

Paris Garden

Paris Garden

Celebrate in a venue that beckons the beauty and elegance of the City of Love. The Paris Garden brings together the comfort of an indoor space with the charm of an outdoor atmosphere. Suitable for elegant and festive occasions of 150-200 guests.

Luxembourg Garden

Luxembourg Garden

A garden to be enjoyed with an ambiance that is as chic as it is delightful. Take advantage of this novel space good for 150-200 guests or combine it with the neighboring Paris Garden to entertain up to 400 guests in the trendiest venue in the capital.

Banquet Halls

Our banquet halls Concorde and Giverny can fit 50-100 guests and are ideal for those who are looking for more intimate spaces in which to celebrate. Each of the banquet halls are fully air-conditioned and include separate entrances and bathrooms.


Concorde Hall

The Concorde Hall is suitable for 50-100 guests. This is an especially popular choice for couples who opt to hold the wedding rights here then transfer to one of the garden venues for the main reception. Concorde is also the venue of choice for birthdays, corporate meetings, intimate parties and baptismal receptions.


Giverny Hall

A banquet hall specifically for smaller gatherings. Giverny is a quaint and tasteful space which can be enjoyed by up to 100 guests. This venue is an appropriate choice for birthday parties, baptisms and corporate meetings.