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Breathtaking Indoor Vertical Gardens

The Hanging Gardens is the first and only reception venue to display indoor natural vertical gardens in the Philippines. The Luxembourg, Paris and Lafayette Gardens are surrounded by lush natural vertical gardens from floor to ceiling. The vertical gardens are comprised of a varied color and array of ferns and tropical plants.

French-Inspired Design

The vision for the Hanging Gardens Events Venue stemmed from iconic architecture that embody Parisian allure. From the structural design, patterned flooring, white windows, gilded metal work adorning our balconies and staircase, the Hanging Gardens offers a truly unique and escapist experience right in Quezon City.

Spacious Parking

We provide complimentary parking with the capacity of over 200 vehicles right within our walled property. The parking area is fully cemented with areas of interest to capture the happiest of moments.

Weather-Proof and Fully Air-Conditioned Venues

Enjoy an idyllic garden ambiance within the comforts of a fully covered and fully air-conditioned events venue. There is simply no stopping the party regardless the weather condition. Our drop off area in the second floor is covered to ensure that you and your guests will stay protected from the rain or the hot summer sun. The lobbies, the three garden venues and the two banquet halls are fully air-conditioned allowing guests to move at ease.

Private Air-Conditioned Lobby and Entrance

Each garden venue has its own entrance and lobby to guarantee the privacy of your celebration. Each lobby with it’s bold flooring pattern, elegant chandeliers and iron gilded ceiling is spacious enough to be mistaken as a venue of it’s own. Here a registration table, a photo booth and cocktails may be set up before guests proceed to the main reception area.

Picturesque Spaces

Architectural touches and lush foliage offer clients romantic nooks and gorgeous photo opportunities.

Private Air-Conditioned Comfort Rooms

Each venue offers privacy and has its own set of comfort rooms for guests. Guests need not experience long queues or crowded comfort rooms.