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Yesha’s One-derland

Is there anything more precious than the laughter of your child? Venue: Paris Garden Caterer: Juan Carlo the Caterer Photo and Video: Phases and Faces Mood lighting: JAV Lights and Sounds For a hassle free planning, avail our KIDDIE COMPREHENSIVE PACKAGE! For more details, call us at 734 6450 or 734 6480!... read more

Arriam + Olivia

Romance is in the air, there’s no doubt about that. The chemistry between Arriam and Olivia was nothing short of magnetic, everyone who witnessed their wedding reception felt it.  Such a beautiful night filled with light and love! Venue: Luxembourg Garden | Caterer: Shekinah Dishes We are absolutely gushing over this moment! Introduce your entourage in grand... read more

Kim Isabelle’s Little Kingdom

Every parent want the best for their little princess! The loving couple avails KIDDIE COMPREHENSIVE PACKAGE for an easy planning! It includes everything start from the venue up to the kiddie party inclusions such as the character host, balloons, game prizes and theme decors. The stylist, KiddieParty.com incorporated many creative touches and Manila Catering served sumptuous meals! It was a day full of smiles, joy and memories as the parent gave heartwarming message to their precious one!... read more

FEU Medicine Night

FEU Medicine Students definitely nailed this event! The event was held in our Paris and Luxembourg Gardens. The crowd was exploding with energy and the med students did not hold back as they showcased their talents in hosting, singing and dancing. The event was rocked to the core as the Banghouse performed on... read more

Samantha’s First Magical Birthday

Samantha’s magical birthday at our Concorde Hall was filled with smiles, joy and laughter. The banquet hall was decorated with lots of balloons and adorable decor which made the party lively, fun and exciting. There’s no dull moment as the Character host made games for the kids to include even the young at heart. Have your magical moment with us! Avail our KIDDIE COMPREHENSIVE PACKAGE for a hassle free planning! For more details contact us at:  Phone: 734 6480, 734 6450 Mobile/Viber: 0915 603 5349, 0915 603 5347, 0915 603 5365 Email: inquiry@hanginggardensevents.com... read more

Sharlyn’s Starry Starry Night Debut

Like the sky and sea, blue depicts a heavenly beauty. To welcome a new beginning of her life , Sharlyn threw an exquisite birthday bash! Her family, relatives and friends were present. They gave a special message and reminisced Sharlyn’s colorful childhood!

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Google’s Innovative Seminar

This Google event was held at the Giverny Hall which has a capacity of 50-100 persons, catered by Manila Catering Services. Google’s seminar was filled with innovative ideas, contingency plans and logical methods for the advancement of their team.

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Ava in One-derland!

Some parties just make you want to jump in and be a guest. This dreamy Alice In Wonderland party is no exception! The lovely little girl threw a whimsical, fun and dainty celebration!

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Lyndsay, Royal and Legal

In the Filipino culture, celebrating a girl’s eighteenth birthday is a hugely anticipated milestone. It is a memorable experience for a young lady second only to her wedding.

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Picture Perfect, Jannel at 18

A pretty girl deserves a gorgeous venue for her debutante ball. As we began to draft plans for the Hanging Gardens Events Venue, we wanted to make sure that every little detail was covered.

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